2 Paragraphs 4 Liberty: #2 “More on Liberty”

2012_2_15_EfpcI6at4Vw2alrHXjkl83                As discussed last week, the concept of liberty also includes responsibility.  Thus there are many people who, often subconsciously, shy away from liberty because it brings choices – and accountability for the choices they make – and that can be scary.  So those people prefer to rely upon the government to take care of them.  The problem is that this approach doesn’t work.

                As proof, we should keep in mind two comments.  The first is attributed to Henry Ford, who said that anyone who thinks they can prosper by relying upon assistance from the government should talk to the American Indians.  The second came from Milton Friedman, who said that no modern society has ever raised itself out of poverty except through a system based upon free enterprise and private property rights.  Of course that doesn’t mean that we should not voluntarily provide a safety net for those people who are truly in need.  But, fundamentally, we are doing everyone a favor by promoting liberty, self-reliance and responsibility, instead of reliance upon “Mother Government.”  Why?  Because that is what works.

(Next post: “Repeal Crony Capitalism”)

                                                                                                                                Judge Jim Gray (Ret.)


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