2 Paragraphs 4 Liberty: #3 “Repeal Crony Capitalism”

Judge-Jim-Gray_600x300-590x300                Among other things, Liberty means that government should not be favoring some businesses over others by choosing winners and losers in the marketplace.  Instead, those choices should be made by customers.  But in today’s system government is doing things like paying oil companies to drill for oil, farmers not to raise crops and energy companies to produce “green energy.”  Furthermore, it is also making business decisions like decreeing that corn shall be used exclusively for manufacturing ethanol as a gasoline additive.  Of course, in addition to costing the taxpayers a great deal of money, this action reduces competition and liberty in the marketplace, because non-favored businesses have problems competing with the government money being paid to their competitors.

                But these results are not surprising because, to a large degree, government is about money: from whom to take it, and to whom to give it.  The governments run by both the Democrats and Republicans are heavily involved in this.  The only difference is that they often favor different “pet projects” and businesses.  But Liberty says no to all of this crony capitalism interference (otherwise known as corporate welfare).  If there are viable markets for these products, private businesses will supply them without government involvement.  So repealing crony capitalism and re-instilling liberty will go a long way to increasing competition and creativity, thus lowering prices, reducing government spending and promoting much more fairness for everyone concerned.

                (Next post: Repeal Social Engineering Subsidies)

                                                                                                                Judge Jim Gray (Ret.)


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