2 Paragraphs 4 Liberty: #6 “Enforcing Liberty Through Contracts”

C15120D0000-00-00                The concept of Liberty includes two or more people or groups being able to enter voluntarily into agreements (contracts) with each other to receive specific benefits (most often money) in exchange for providing specific goods or services.  For an economy in any society to prosper, those contracts must be enforced. Obviously, a cost effective court system cannot adjudicate every contract.  But the laws and court system can provide a framework of expectations, such that if there were to be litigation, the parties could reasonably foresee what the outcome would be.

                In this way, Liberty demands that all legal contracts and warranties be enforced.  And that not only includes enforcing those among private parties, it also means that the federal government should be held to perform on its contracts regarding programs like Social Security and providing medical care and services to our military personnel who were injured while in our country’s service.  For a system of Liberty to thrive, all entities, including the government, must be held accountable for their contracts.

(Next post: Liberty in Immigration)

                                                                                                                Judge Jim Gray (Ret.)


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