2 Paragraphs 4 Liberty: #7 “Liberty in Immigration”

johnsongray-2012Earlier in our history, those coming to America faced fewer immigration problems in entering our country.  And, if you think about it, that should be a fundamental human right.  Why should people’s chances of living in the country or environment of their choice be limited by the accident of the location of their birth? 

                Nevertheless, we do have a legitimate interest in prohibiting immigrants from receiving welfare benefits paid for by the rest of us.  So how can this situation be resolved? By issuing work visas rather liberally to immigrants after a basic background check for criminality and health issues.  This would not be a “pathway to citizenship,” and there would be no entitlement to welfare, except in cases of true medical emergencies.  But by adopting this approach, not only would we be upholding a human liberty, we would also bring large beneficial results for our economy.  Why?  Because if labor is not allowed to go to capital, capital will go to labor, and it is better for our economic prosperity for businesses to be located in our country than elsewhere.  In addition, since the immigrants would be here legally, they can also be required to get drivers’ licenses and pay their taxes.  So in this area, like so many others, Liberty works! 

(Next post: Liberty in Free Trade)

                                                                                                                Judge Jim Gray (Ret.)


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