2 Paragraphs 4 Liberty: #10 “Liberty and Bureaucracy”

image  The old saying goes that “fish swim, birds fly, and regulators regulate.”  Of course, to some extent we do need regulations and regulators to enforce the statutes passed into law by our elected officials since life today is so complicated.  But in the last five decades, the regulations and bureaucracies imposed by unelected government “officials” has gone far beyond reason.  And that has directly and wrongfully impinged upon our Liberty.

            Why has that happened?  Because big government is extremely good at one thing, and that is continuing to increase the power, size and cost of big government.  And what have been some of the results?  Bureaucrats have condemned private property, not because it was to be taken for public purposes, or because it was “blighted,” but instead so that the property could be used to generate higher tax revenue.  Competition has also been wrongly restricted in businesses like the braiding of hair, selling of coffins to funeral parlors, and providing taxi and other transportation services.  Why?  Because the established businesses in those areas were able to use their political muscle to freeze out the new competition.  So yes, we do need some regulation in our businesses to promote things like public safety, but we should always bear in mind that bureaucracy is almost always a direct threat to Liberty.  And threats should be resisted.

(Next week: Liberty and the FDA)

                                                            Judge Jim Gray (Ret.)

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