2 Paragraphs for Liberty: #11 “Liberty and the FDA”

James_P._Gray_Web_t479In theory, Liberty and bureaucracies can coexist, but in reality bureaucracies are a continual threat to Liberty.  Why?  Because bureaucracies continually feel they must justify their own existence.  Thus they do the same thing that big government does so well: they continue to expand their size, cost and power.  So how does this apply to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration?  Two significant ways.  First, the FDA continues to expand its role in regulating anything that looks or feels like a food or drug.  Second, if a regulator approves ten new drugs, and nine of them are successful in saving lives, healing people who are sick or just even making some people feel better, that is fine.  But if one of the drugs results in people getting headaches or vomiting, there is a big chance that the career of whoever approved that drug will be in jeopardy.  Thus all regulators have huge incentives to delay, or just to say no.

            While most people agree that some form of scrutiny in testing food and drugs is appropriate, the better approach is to trust private organizations like UNDERWRITER LABORATORIES – UL – which does the identical job for kitchen appliances like toasters.  That company strikes a good balance between accuracy in the marketplace, because its name rests on it, and timeliness, because it must compete with other similar private companies.  So, once again, competition results in a maximization of Liberty both for the companies manufacturing and selling the appliances, and also for the customers who use them.  And the same results would be found for food and drugs.

(Next post: Liberty and Taxation)

                                                                                    Judge Jim Gray (Ret.)

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