2 Paragraphs 4 Liberty: #12 “Liberty and the Tax System”

judgejimgray_onthebenchGovernment is about money: from whom to take it, and to whom to give it. Of course, government is necessary for things like protecting us from other countries and from each other.  So if we have government, it must be funded in some fashion.  But where does Liberty fit into this equation?  The more simplified, fair and understandable the tax system, the more voluntary choices are afforded to people, which means that more Liberty will prevail.

So what would a more fair, straightforward and transparent system look like?  Many people believe it would either be a much simplified flat tax with very few deductions, or even a new system that would replace the present income tax (and the IRS) with a national sales tax.  But under either of these proposed systems, the benefits both to the economy and to Liberty would be staggering!  Taxpayers and government would literally save the hundreds of billions of dollars that are now spent each year in keeping tax records, preparing tax returns and enforcing the complex and frequently unfathomable tax laws.  And being able to make business and personal decisions for business and personal reasons, instead of tax reasons, would increase voluntary choices, and this would increase Liberty!  The prospects boggle the mind!

(Next post: Liberty and Traffic Courts)

Judge Jim Gray (Ret.)

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