2 Paragraphs 4 Liberty: #78 “Send Liberty Back to the White House!”

Pajaro Slough on Monterey Bay with my sister and brother-in-law Robin and Peter Frazier

The only presidential candidate who will take Liberty back to the White House is Libertarian candidate Governor Gary Johnson.  Unlike Johnson, both Clinton and Trump will almost surely continue such programs as NSA’s warrantless surveillance, civil asset forfeiture without trials and maintaining Guantanamo, all of which would be reviled by our Founding Fathers.  So how can this Libertarian candidate win the election and safeguard our nation’s soul, which is our freedoms and liberties?  Here is the strategy.  If Johnson were to win even three or four states, and Trump could win at least two “swing states,” then the likelihood is strong that no candidate would win a majority of votes in the Electoral College.  So what happens then?  The 12th Amendment to the US Constitution says that, in this situation, the House of Representatives would elect the President.  But it could only choose among the top three finishers, with each state having only one vote. if this were to occur, it is abundantly clear that no Republican member of the House would ever vote for Hillary Clinton, and similarly no Democratic member would ever vote for Donald Trump.  But many members would very well vote for Governor Johnson – both as a compromise candidate and because many are actually scared of their own candidates.  In fact, if the election goes to the House, this is the likely result. 

                So how can we help?  By supporting Governor Gary Johnson in the November election.  Actually in many states, such as California, a vote for Trump is a wasted vote, because Clinton will almost surely win that state.  In fact, since she is so far ahead, even a vote for Clinton in California is a wasted vote.  And that equation equally holds true as to both Trump and Clinton in several other states.  But each vote for Johnson all around the country sends a message that he is a valued candidate.  And this could provide political cover for many members of the House later to vote for Johnson.  Therefore, each of our votes for Governor Johnson will count as never before!  So please pass this fact on to your social media world.  Together we can send Liberty back to the White House!

Judge Jim Gray (Ret.)                         

2012 Libertarian candidate for Vice

President, along with Governor 

Gary Johnson as the candidate for President

Please forward this on to your circle of friends for their consideration.  And by the way, now I am on Facebook at Facebook at facebook.com/judgejimgray, LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/pub/judge-jim-gray/28/8ba/27, and Twitter with username as @JudgeJimGrayOAI, or twitter.com/JudgeJimGrayOAI.  Please visit these sites, and pass them along to your social world.


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