2 Paragraphs 4 Liberty: #76 “Liberty Requires Equal Justice for All”

Judge Jim Gray at Julia Pfeiffer State Park in Big Sur


As has been stated several times before in this column, judges have two critically important roles in society.  The first is to do justice.  But the second, as importantly, is to do justice in an atmosphere in which people believe that justice has been done.  This concept also applies to a society.  In many ways we are increasingly living in an atmosphere that has generated sympathy for some demented people who have been killing police officers because those sympathizers do not feel that justice for all is being realized.  And that is a cancer that can lead us into chaos.

                So what is the remedy?  There are two prongs.  First, we must have law and order, which means that the police must be supported in their attempts to keep us safe.  But, second, we must have leaders who establish dialogues and actually accomplish and then demonstrate that system of Equal Justice for All.  Those are probably the largest requirements to take into account in the upcoming elections.  Among other things, the police must not only be professional, but they must be seen to be held accountable on those occasions when they are not.  We cannot give up our individual liberties for a bit more security, but we must retain respect for law and order to keep from descending into chaos.  So which candidates do you believe will best achieve and demonstrate those results?  My view, probably to no one’s surprise, is Governor Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate for President!

Judge Jim Gray (Ret.)                         

2012 Libertarian candidate for Vice

President, along with Governor 

Gary Johnson as the candidate for President

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